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Social Media Management, LPSM Video, blogging design, & more! We provide marketing that makes your competition nervous!

GEN-Y Hitch: Complete Brand Managment

Messaging…it’s VITAL. CMG developed messaging and implemented it across several marketing platforms. “99 Problems But My Hitch Ain’t One” was on the tip of the tongue of many at The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and in just 15 months we were able to grow GEN-Y to the #1 hitch manufacturure in the world on Facebook.

Five Star Painting of Elkhart: Social Media

A national company often needs local marketing…but it isn’t as simple as it sounds! Utilizing my company, two local franchise owners have taken a fantastic brand and localized it, resulting in earned media, a growing Facebook and Instagram presence and a recognition growth in the area that is at or above many companies that have been here a LOT longer!

SERVPRO South Bend, NE, Marshall, Pulaski, Starke, Fulton, N. Ft Wayne, Kosciusko County, Noble County, N. Calhoun, West Kalamazoo, North Elkhart

Franchise marketing management is one of CMG’s specialties! Many times a company has an amazing marketing plan but no local presence in each community to bring that plan to fruition. We offer franchises in the Indiana, Michigan & Illinois markets 100% total brand management! Videos, online, social media and public relations. We took SERVPRO’s amazing service, brand identity (national company with national advertising) and matched it with localization to match their national parent company. The video testimonials, tips and “on location” shoots bolstered their social media presence and infused an SEO bump that they vitally needed. 

Billingsly Insurance: Fresh New Website

The look of your website can absolutely be the difference between a potential customer calling, or moving on to the next person. Billingsly Insurance new that and gave us a call to do what we do for them! We took their dated site and gave it a fresh, functional new look and feel. Now their online presence matches their fresh company and they couldn’t be happier! 

Kaurich Chiropractic: Marketing Director for Hire

Printers Plus is a great locally owned printer and we update their website continually!  We have been working on this site for the better part of 10 years, and it has gone through several renovations, redo’s and continually updated with the times!  We are dedicated to our brilliance and making things fun!

RV Wheelator: Growth Hacking

What do you do when you have an amazing idea, fantastic knowledge and a platform that could save customers thousands, but there is a roadblock in the way in the form of others in the market that clutter the messaging? Growth hacking. In just 3 months time have built a Facebook presence of over 1000 followers, an engagement rate that is unparalleled in pages 5x their size and an excitment that can only be described as electric! So much more in store for RV Wheelator!

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