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Marketing Deck Boards?

This question was posed to me today.  I didn’t have an answer.  I  had heard about Marketing Boards before, but a deck board?  Is this a new method of marketing for skateboarders?  The answer is no!

And yes, I do – do marketing boards.  It is a very effective way of getting your points across – organized and visually appealing.  Most people my age and older call these PowerPoint Presentations.  In the Army we called it “Death By PowerPoint!”  I digress…

Marketing Deck Boards.  Marketing deck boards are nothing more than taking content that is typically boring and make it interesting with effective graphics and font decorations.  It is about making the best of your data.  It is effectively used in showing data to clients on how they will be more successful by using your service; however, there are many other practical applications for a Deck Board.

Nonprofits can use a Deck Board for a plethora of reasons.  One: getting their content to their board utilizing a PowerPoint presentation that is utilized with stunning graphics and awesome visual cues.  They can also use Deck Boards to take to potential donors that may want to see what they do with the money! Marketing Deck Boards can be useful as well in linking content.  If you have a video that you want seen a lot of times this is a way to link it.  Post the video on  your website – your YouTube or Vimeo account.  There are many ways to link the accounts.  There are very important and practical matters on what you can use a Deck board for.

Why do they call it a deck board now instead of PowerPoint?

Well according to Chron:

“Many general managers and business owners like to see monthly or quarterly data from the marketing and sales departments. This information is presented as a deck or presentation of slides. The slides include information on the products and services that were the focus of the time period as well as financial information and demographic data. You might also be asked to include Internet marketing information, such as hits to the website, visits to the online store or number of visitors to your social media pages.”

It is nothing more than marketing jargon!  It is probably good to get away from saying PowerPoint Presentations, too.  Seeing as how PowerPoint is a registered software name, and there are several programs out there that can be used to make slideshow presentations – Microsoft has just been in the office business presentation software solution business a lot longer than anyone has before.  Here is a blog to a whole bunch of Microsoft Office alternatives:

As you can see there is a slew of them!  But the most important thing to remember is if you are not creative and see numbers as they are and do not need visuals, someone that you are presenting to may need that.  The visual cortex in people’s eyes are trained to look for the bright and shiny and sometimes movement.  Some movement is good; while too much movement can repel people, but that is for another article!


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