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In any design element of a website, there are three main elements: the header, the content, and finally the footer.  In this post, we are going to discuss the header and its importance for your header to help identify your brand identity.

Your brand is you.  Whether your website is dedicated to your company or it is a personal blog-site, it is imperative that your header be as important as your content that you are trying to convey. The first thing that your viewers are going to see on the website is the header. The header should consists of your branding method, most likely your logo. The header should also include information about what you do such as a tagline, a highlight, or your branding and marketing scheme. Use our front page as an example.

You can see that our branding is “Fun Like Donuts” – our marketing will increase your sales through the roof.  It is all in our header.  In addition, of course make sure on your header to use a captivating image. However, if your business does not require an image, and all you want to do is have your logo and go from there that is perfectly acceptable too.

Your header should be engaging.

Engage your readers immediately with a great header.  Make sure the header is trying to increase your readership.  The average time on a website is between thirty seconds and a minute.  It is less if you cannot engage your client base.

Make sure that your header is doing what you want it to do. 

Engaging your readers is obviously the first step. However, what is it that you are trying to convey in your header? Having menus easily seen and noticed on your site may be the first way to include what you do, how you do it, and what the website is all about/what your work is.  If you are a service company that offers many different services then a “Service” link is warranted in your menu.  It is often very important to make sure that your company name says what you do, in example: Jeff’s Plumbing or Kenny’s Restaurant. It is very apparent from that what you do, Jeff has a plumbing company and Kenny has a restaurant.  When your company name is ambiguous though such as “Harry’s”, you will need to have something that says what you do.

 Looking at the Logo

As you can see to the left that Harry’s is very ambiguous and tells you nothing about the website, other than it is Harry’s, and that they have been around since 2018. We need to include other elements into our header to make it more available to understand what we are doing. You can have your logo on any type of branding material and never make any headway on what you do.  Your website needs to tell you exactly what you do, how you do it (capability wise), and why you need to be hired by your potential client.  Everyone that views your website is a potential client!

Creating the engaging header is super important.

Let us look at Harry’s logo again – not a poor logo, but it lacks in the fact that it does not say what Harry’s company does.  If Harry’s website is only a text-based website then most likely the viewership of this website is going to be none because we do not know what Harry is selling.

All we can infer from Harry’s is that the company name is Harry’s, and even that is sketchy.  The site may be a personal blog and it is a person named Harry. So let us add a menu for the site next.  Now we know that he is a company, we know what his phone number and email address is, but still not exactly certain what he does, or what this website does for Harry.

So let us add a menu for the site next.  Now we know that he is a company, we know what his phone number and email address is, but still not exactly certain what he does, or what this website does for Harry. We know that he has products, but not what kind of products that he has. We know that he has a join, but we still do not know why people want to join.  This menu has told us nothing other than that he has products. Let us add the next piece into the puzzle:

There is now a watch on Harry’s header.  It is probably a good assumption that they sells watches, but still we cannot be 100% certain about this.  The header should show more description on what it is that they sell.  So what does Harry’s sell? Is he selling watches, repairing watches, or is it possible that time is running out?  The header then should have text to give it contextual information.  The information then becomes much easier to follow:

Now we can see a functional header.  For tutorial reasons this header is overly simplified, and you should have a much less ambiguous logo and menu.  You can see that the header has that Harry’s sells at least classic watches and that you should continue to look at the site to make sure that you want more.


Your header is the best way to maintain branding of your company.  If your branding is askew then you are probably not getting the desired results of your site.  Your branding is definitely an extension of how your company does business. If you need help with branding, make sure to contact either Kenny or Jeff here at CMG Marketing.  We have the experience and the data to prove our methods work, don’t hesitate to call us!

Mark is the Director of Marketing at CMG Marketing Group. Mark specializes in Full Stack Website Development and Social Media Marketing.
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